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Brokenhead MB, Nov. 2018            Winnipeg Nov. 2019           Winnipeg MB, Nov. 2021

Winnipeg, MB Mar. 2019                Whitecap SK, Oct. 2021

Kenora, ON May 2019                    Enoch AB, Nov. 2021           Whitecap SK, Apr. 2022

                                                                                                        Edmonton AB Apr 2022

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer
Brokenhead MB, Nov. 21-22, 2018
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What participants had to say...

"Thank you Holly for the fantastic workshop. I am looking forward to taking the teachings into our communities.

I recommend this workshop to anyone that has the opportunity to teach our youth. 

Awakening the Spirit does just what the title says. It Awakens our Spirits to Learn!"


"This workshop helps enable people of any age to have the ability to make positive changes in their lives...therefore helping others to do the same."


"Very interesting. Love the material, I believe this will help and empower our people."


"The workshop provided me with everything I need to go back to my community and do everything in my power to help and encourage our young people to do better and want better for themselves and their families."


"I will take a lot from this workshop that I will use to further assist the youth and motivate them even further. Also personally, it makes me want to work on a few things myself and to make a goal list and bucket list."


"I was expecting a deliverable workshop to help empower & motivate individuals I work with. This info and resource is amazing and I know it will do just that.”

“I was expecting to learn how to motivate others but I ended up being motivated myself!” 

“My expectation was to learn how to connect with the youth and get them to open up and speak/listen. This training has went above and beyond my expectations. Very Good!”

“Truthfully, I expected the same as other workshops, sit/listen to speaker. This training to me is very useful, enlightening and most importantly - truthful.”

“I was not expecting this at all! It was GREAT! So Interesting!”

"Thank you for providing this valuable workshop that focuses on the most vulnerable people in our communities. They truly matter."

"Thank-you for providing us with all this material to use in order to help empower our young people."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer

Winnipeg, March 21-23, 2019

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What participants had to say...

"Holly is beautiful and inspirational. The workshop was always interesting and running smoothly and flowing well. Excellent training, excellent facilitation and excellent helper."


"I came in to take the workshop to facilitate in the future. I did not know I would be changing my own life along this journey! This workshop comes highly recommended in my books."


"So proud of our fellow Anishinaabe Kwe in being able to share her knowledge and stories with others in a good way! Very beautiful and grounded - inspirational."  


Excellent way of learning about the self. I loved meeting new friends."

"Thank you so much Holly for all your personal sharing. I feel inspired to wake up and continue to deliver good information to our Indigenous people."

"This was a powerful workshop. The best one I ever attended."

"Inspiring, empowering, amazing tools for self reflection."

"Good luck and keep fighting this good fight. You and your team are hard workers, good people and great fighters."

"This was the greatest workshop I have ever been to and I'm so grateful I was able to be a part of this experience."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer

Kenora Ontario, May 22-24, 2019

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