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Brokenhead MB, Nov. 2018            Winnipeg Nov. 2019           Winnipeg MB, Nov. 2021

Winnipeg Mar. 2019                        Whitecap SK, Oct. 2021

Kenora May 2019                            Enoch AB, Nov. 2021

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer
Brokenhead MB, Nov. 21-22, 2018
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What participants had to say...

"Thank you Holly for the fantastic workshop. I am looking forward to taking the teachings into our communities.

I recommend this workshop to anyone that has the opportunity to teach our youth. 

Awakening the Spirit does just what the title says. It Awakens our Spirits to Learn!"


"This workshop helps enable people of any age to have the ability to make positive changes in their lives...therefore helping others to do the same."


"Very interesting. Love the material, I believe this will help and empower our people."


"The workshop provided me with everything I need to go back to my community and do everything in my power to help and encourage our young people to do better and want better for themselves and their families."


"I will take a lot from this workshop that I will use to further assist the youth and motivate them even further. Also personally, it makes me want to work on a few things myself and to make a goal list and bucket list."


"I was expecting a deliverable workshop to help empower & motivate individuals I work with. This info and resource is amazing and I know it will do just that.”

“I was expecting to learn how to motivate others but I ended up being motivated myself!” 

“My expectation was to learn how to connect with the youth and get them to open up and speak/listen. This training has went above and beyond my expectations. Very Good!”

“Truthfully, I expected the same as other workshops, sit/listen to speaker. This training to me is very useful, enlightening and most importantly - truthful.”

“I was not expecting this at all! It was GREAT! So Interesting!”

"Thank you for providing this valuable workshop that focuses on the most vulnerable people in our communities. They truly matter."

"Thank-you for providing us with all this material to use in order to help empower our young people."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer

Winnipeg, March 21-23, 2019

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What participants had to say...

"Holly is beautiful and inspirational. The workshop was always interesting and running smoothly and flowing well. Excellent training, excellent facilitation and excellent helper."


"I came in to take the workshop to facilitate in the future. I did not know I would be changing my own life along this journey! This workshop comes highly recommended in my books."


"So proud of our fellow Anishinaabe Kwe in being able to share her knowledge and stories with others in a good way! Very beautiful and grounded - inspirational."  


Excellent way of learning about the self. I loved meeting new friends."

"Thank you so much Holly for all your personal sharing. I feel inspired to wake up and continue to deliver good information to our Indigenous people."

"This was a powerful workshop. The best one I ever attended."

"Inspiring, empowering, amazing tools for self reflection."

"Good luck and keep fighting this good fight. You and your team are hard workers, good people and great fighters."

"This was the greatest workshop I have ever been to and I'm so grateful I was able to be a part of this experience."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer

Kenora Ontario, May 22-24, 2019

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What participants had to say...

"The title of this workshop says it all. It awakened what I knew and it helped me to organize my thoughts."


"This workshop helped me put my own goals into perspective & what steps I need to take to ensure that I follow through with them. How positive thinking can help myself & others everyday. I look forward to seeing change in my future."

~ Donna

"The knowledge, wisdom, skills and personal stories from Holly and the participants has helped me tremendously, more than you'll ever know; for that, I am eternally grateful. I encourage everyone to practice these teachings on a daily basis, I guarantee your life will change:) Miigwich."

~ Carrie

"Holly- you made this more meaningful to me because you used your life experience and shared them with us."


"My workshop expectations were met 100%. There was great group involvement."


"I think this workshop and everything you did was great and useful."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer
Winnipeg, MB, November 20-22, 2019
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What participants had to say...


"This is a must for anyone working frontline with youth, adults or just for themselves! Thank you for having me and sharing your extensive knowledge. Hope our paths cross again. Chi-Miigwetch"


"When I first heard I was going to Train the Trainer I thought it would be like CPR or First Aid. I never thought I would find myself. Now I just have to think of ways to give people the empowerment this workshop has given me."


"If you have any questions about your abilites, I recommend this workshop. It helped me to view my abilities and self worth. Chi-Miigwetch"


"I really enjoyed your workshop. I did not know what to expect; it was my supervisor that suggested I come and I am so glad I did because I almost backed out at the last minute. Holly really helped me understand the importance of knowing my self worth and "loving" myself. She is really gifted with wisdom and is an awesome"teacher"as she taught me a lot of new things. You learn something new everyday. Thank you once again for the awesome workshop, it was well worth my time."


"I feel this workshop is all inclusive and respects particpants' values and beliefs."

"You must attend! You won't regret it!!"

"This program should be a part of the school curriculum."

"Holly is amazing and has made me feel excited to go out and facilitate to all age groups. A true inspiration. Miigwetch for the 2 and a half days."

"All of us were at one time asleep, this workshop will assist in awakening our communities."

"Keeping the youth in mind, to first help each other and to make youth become strong and resilient. Miigwetch."


"The workshop as a whole was awesome. It organized and brought together all the things I came across on my journey to heal, grow and mature. It is an amazing tool. Thank you very much for your hard work."

"Make sure you only pick one piece of toilet paper. jk, jk. I really enjoyed this workshop. Usually I am just yawning and waiting for the break, this time I didn't. you kept me interested through the whole workshop."

Awaken the Spirit, Train the Trainer,
Whitecap, SK, October 20-22, 2021
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What participants had to say...

This was completely different than what I thought it was going to be. It has given me so much to think about and try on myself and others. It has helped me with things I am dealing with myself and my mindset.


I learned so many tools that I can bring back to my clients and I can also use these exercises on the things that I am going through.  I really enjoyed the facilitator, she had the audience attention and made it fun so that it wasn’t dry.


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; It has so much of life’s teachings. It makes you realize life is what we make of it using all the tools given to us in this workshop. A truly great facilitator with all of her life stories incorporated in the workshop -- True life stories that some of us also experience.


I really enjoyed the workshop! You kept us all entertained. It was very emotional, happy, fun and educational.



Attending the workshops was very beneficial and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to attend. I will definitely use the tools I learned.


I learned so much and had a lot of fun. I would have loved to attend a workshop like this as a youth. It was excellent!


Awaken the Spirit Train the Trainer Enoch AB, November 3-5, 2021
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What participants had to say...

Holly was present all the time. She sets the atmosphere to learn and to want to listen. I definitely recommend this workshop. It is an eye opener, and it sure opened my eyes. I am inspired to start goal setting.

Thank you for your excellent work and sharing your stories. Your sessions helped me stay focussed on helping me refresh my work with groups. I lost my brother 2 weeks before I came. Your sessions have helped me to move forward and work through my grief. Aye hye.

I came so I could help others but I feel I’m gonna use it more on myself first. I have come a long way but I feel I can go a lot further with the knowledge I have received this week. It starts with me and I am ready!


I highly recommend this workshop to anyone working with youth in the community. It was a great experience to come together with other helpers that are compassionate to help our future generations. Thank you!


The Awaken the Spirit Training is just that, awakening our own spirit so we can help others. It was a breath of fresh air. Holly is an excellent facilitator and teaches from the heart.


I believe in myself and I believe in others regardless of who they are. There is always positive to replace negative. You motivate, I saw that in you. I saw how others opened up to trust and to share their stories. Thank you I appreciate it.


You ladies did an awesome job. I would just like to say thank you and you are beautiful. I am very grateful for the sharing and the helping.


This is a great workshop for our Indigenous youth to see their potential power and purpose and ways to get started in their goals and move forward in a positive way.

I was not expecting this workshop to be so positive, it did trigger some feelings but in all it was a great experience.


I wasn’t really what to expect at first. It was awesome; your vibes and stories. I truly loved the training, It made me think how even though I thought I was trying to be positive, there was still a few things that I was still being negative about. As a mom of 5 kids I forget about ‘me’ a lot.


I really enjoyed this workshop. As a busy mom it helps me to have a fresh outlook. It would be very beneficial to the community back home. To learn that it is OK to speak, feel and to have goals in life and also to help others get ahead.


The workshop I feel would be beneficial to our young adults or any adults in general to help spark their view on life and themselves. Give them hop and give us hope as a community.


Excellent topics and schedule of training.



This workshop has helped me personally. I am leaving here feeling confident in myself knowing that I can do something for myself. The messages were so powerful.

Love yourself. Forgive yourself.



Awaken the Spirt Train the Trainer 
Winnipeg MB, November 17-19, 2021
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What participants had to say...

I loved all information because it’s so alive in our communities. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this Awaken the Spirit workshop. I just lost a loved one this year and it is helping me to stay strong but I couldn’t help but to cry when you told your story about the feather.


This workshop is the best. It helped me understand more about my life and what triggers my emotions. This truly has awoken my spirit.


I am glad I came to this workshop. The reality of residential school needs to be talked about a lot more and MMIW/M


You are so kind, smart and beautiful. I hope you can do this workshop for many years to come.


This workshop is amazing; very inspiring and truly has reawakened my goals I’ve had for myself that I almost let go of. A good reminder to keep focussed and keep working toward my goals.

This opened me to see life in a positive, loving, vibrant way.



Thank you Holly! I appreciate you and I am grateful for you sharing your love of your work. Great tools and a Great experience!


Very well tailored workshop for people looking for training. Very good open discussions and works well with a small group (under 30). Good group interaction and the personal stories were touching. More please! Thank you Holly!



I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up. But I was not disappointed. I have heard the messages before, but not as compact as the way is was delivered. I admit, I did have the “why can’t we just get over it and move on” attitude when I got here. But now I understand better the history behind it all.


Thank you for sharing your story with us. You reminded me that success comes when we are ready. Keep on being the bright strong rock star! You truly are an inspiration!


Well done! Thank you for the work you do and for doing this for our communities. Proud of you!


As a teacher and helper myself this opened my mind, body and spirt even more.


You are good at what you do and you have a great helper! I learned a lot!


This workshop exceeded my expectations. The willingness to delve into topics that are sensitive and help us to present in a way that is non-accusatory and non-judgmental while offering solutions will be much better received by our future participants. Thank you for this.


I can see myself, my job, my life is going to go in a different direction now!!



I am very proud of you Holly. Seeing you strive and chase your dreams inspires me to want to do the same. I admire you! Way to go girl!



I loved every aspect of this workshop. I have gained the confidence I was lacking to get out there and chase my dreams. I have acquired the tools to encourage others to pursue their goals also, through the vision section of this workshop. Thank you for this awesome motivational experience.