Awaken the Spirit

Train the Trainer, Who Should Attend:

  • Service Providers

    • Income Assistance Workers,

    • Child and Family Service Workers,

    • Educators,

    • Counsellors,

    • Child Development Workers,

    • Employment and Training,

    • Anyone who works with youth, adolescents and young adults. 


  • 3 Day Train the Trainer events for Service Providers (click to be re-directed to Train the Trainer)

  • 2 Day In-House Train the Trainer (request a quote)

What is Awaken the Spirit?

Awaken the Spirit is a motivational workshop that uses a four part
model to inspire, empower and educate people on issues pertaining to the socio-economic
challenges, stereotypes and barriers faced by Indigenous peoples.

Who is this workshop for?

Awaken the Spirit is most compatible with adolescents and young
adults, as well as adults. Recommended age groupings, ages: 10-13, 14-17, 18 and up.
*We are currently adapting a program for ages 5-10.

This should be ready by May 1, 2020!

Where is this workshop held?

We come to your community! Program lengths vary depending on age group. Youth workshops usually run 1-2 days, adult workshops range from 3-5 days.


When is this workshop held?

​We require 2 weeks advance notice to set up a program in your
community. We will send a proposal and once the proposal had been accepted by both parties we can book in a time that works best for you.

How much does this workshop cost?

The costs vary depending on location, number of participants and length. We provide a complete breakdown of the costs and where the monies are allocated to. We also welcome In-kind contributions to help with cost reduction.

Why take this workshop?

This workshop is like no other. It is truly unique and was designed
specifically for the sole purpose of helping Indigenous young people find their voice, their
strength and their purpose. Since 2014 Awaken the Spirit has been successful in motivating and inspiring Indigenous young people to break the cycle and stigma of dependency and venture off into the workforce or further their education.

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Workshop Description:

Part one, Identity, takes us first though the exploration of one's personal and Indigenous identity as a fundamental base for the participant to build upon. We gradually move into Awareness, a term which encompasses many facets such as cultural awareness, community awareness, generational trauma, and reconciliation. The third component is Vision. Having a vision for your life means that the participant has explored who they are, understands that they are not a product of their current circumstance and they feel they are ready to set goals that will allow them to achieve the best life possible. The last component is Resiliency; this piece provides the encouragement, knowledge and motivation for participants to see their goals achieved. It draws out their inner-strengths to foster belief in themselves and their worth.

Awaken the Spirit, Train-the-Trainer is an intensive 3-day Facilitator Certification Workshop where techniques and strategies will be demonstrated, practiced and shared in a positive setting. Becoming trained as a facilitator is a beneficial and cost-effective method for communities & organizations to  offer their own workshops as often as needed, throughout the year and years to come.

I never would have set goals for myself if I didn’t take this workshop. Now I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Julia, 19

I feel confident in myself knowing that I can do something for myself. And I am glad to know that there are people out there who do this for Aboriginal people.

Adam, 21

I came in to take the workshop to facilitate in the future. I did not know I would be changing my own life along this journey! This workshop comes highly recommended in my books.

Cayleen, Train the Trainer

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