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Featherstone Support Services was founded in 2013 by Holly Linski, a counsellor turned university professor. 


Before I left counselling to take on my new role as an instructor I had a dream,

my dream was to travel the North and provide counselling services to Indigenous young people.

This had been a dream of mine since I was a teen...

"I have always felt fortunate to have found my purpose early on in life. 

My younger years were plagued by racism, alcohol, depression, and teen pregnancy,

to name a few. When I finally came out of the haze that was my teenage years,

I was relieved to find that my spirit wasn't completely broken and I still wanted more for my life.

I also knew that I couldn't have done it alone. I was grateful for the supports

that had bought me through that rough time and I knew that

someday I would do for others what someone had done for me."

~Excerpt taken from Motivational Speech, 2016~

But with the new job and the new career path, that dream started slowly slipping away 

and I soon found myself knocking on depression's door once more.

However, this time I knew why...

True happiness comes when you are living your purpose.

Although I enjoyed my job and was travelling throughout the North helping people realize their dreams of receiving their degrees, I was no longer in the position of helping young people realize their self-worth.

I knew there had to be a way to realign my current path with my purpose.


I put my skills to use on myrself and devised a way that would combine the old with the new...

I realized that as a counsellor, you only reach people one at a time, in one community at a time.

As a university professor, you reach multiple people at one time, from many different communities at a time. Once that light bulb went off, I quickly got to work combining my knowledge and experience into workshops geared toward helping young people uncover their potential and set their sights on goals

they only ever dared to dream of.

Since then, one workshop turned into two, then four, and so on. We now have several trained Indigenous professionals all working toward one common goal: Empowering Indigenous young people. Each one of our facilitators brings with them, wisdom, positive energy, open-mindedness and empathy. We are committed to sharing knowledge and supporting one another to the best of our abilities and are always looking to add more helping professionals to our team, "Individually we are strong, but together we are unbreakable."

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