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Target Audience:

Middle Years (grade 5-8)

Senior Years (grade 9-12)

Young Adults (18-34)

Adults (35+)


Goal-setting is a powerful technique for helping adolescents to develop a solid foundation for their future. By knowing what they want to achieve in life they gain direction and focus and a clearer image of their areas for improvement. When they set well-defined goals, they can measure and take pride in the achievement of those goals.


Most successful adults would reveal that part of the reason for their success is because they practiced goal-setting in their personal and professional life. However, personal goal-setting is typically not taught in educational institutions and when it is, it is usually for short-term schoolwork and homework completion. The ability to effectively set goals throughout life is one of the most important skills that any of us can have. Positive goal-setting paired with high self-esteem, gives teenagers the ability to resist peer pressure, deal with uncertainty, tackle new activities, handle disappointments and ultimately lead a more rewarding and productive life. 

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