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Developing Good Work Ethic

Target Audience:​

  • Adolescents, Young Adults

    • Recommended age groupings: 13 - 17,  18 - 35,  35 +


1 day workshop 


Some may argue that, "work ethic just isn't what it used to be." This workshop looks to restore work ethic in young people and provide new tools and strategies for achieving and maintaining employment.


The workforce is a very important aspect of someone’s life. It is the foundation of a person’s security as an adult and parent. A person’s work ethic is reflective of their morals and values and the way they perceive work related tasks, activities, or projects pertaining to life and career. There are two types of work ethic: good or poor. To ensure success in life and career, good work ethic is a must. Poor ethic can hold people back from getting jobs and prevent them from having the life they ultimately deserve.

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