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Self-Esteem Building

Target Audience:

Middle Years (grade 5-8)

Senior Years (grade 9-12)

Young Adults (18-34)

Adults (35+)


Overview: Self-esteem is feeling good about yourself, feeling that you are a worthwhile person.  Although it is impossible to feel this way all the time, it is important for children to feel okay about themselves most of the time. Self-esteem enables them to try new things without too much fear of failing, to reach out to people and make friends, to be able to leave their community without fear and to manage problems they are likely to meet along the way. Good self-esteem builds a solid foundation for life.


DescriptionIn adolescence self-esteem can be affected by the physical and hormone changes, and most importantly by how they think they look in the eyes of others. Belonging to a group of friends is very important to adolescents’ self-esteem and dealing with social situations and fall outs are a lot different than dealing with fall outs in a family. For that reason adolescents require tools to effectively prevent the devaluation of self-worth.

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