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Positive Parenting 

Target Audience:

  • Service Providers

  • ​Educators

  • Organizations

  • Community members

  • Parents/guardians/foster parents


  • 1/2 day 

  • full day

  • 2 day

  • evening 


Parenting with Purpose works to keep our children on the right path using gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. Positive discipline strategies can act as an early prevention for keeping families together and thriving.


In 2013, there were 10,000 children in care in Manitoba alone, with more than half of that number Indigenous. The need for our young parents and single parents to gain adequate parenting skills is far greater now than ever before.  Unequipped to deal with the effects of colonization and the residual effects of residential schools, our young parents have grown up displaced or unknowingly passing down these characteristics to their children. Parenting with purpose looks to restore skills, communication and respect to families.


Family Maternity
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